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Learn more about key people and events which shaped Jewish culture in the café by exploring StoryMaps which offer detailed narratives incorporating historical maps, photographs, paintings, and literature. Some StoryMaps offer an in-depth look at Jewish café culture in a specific city, some illustrate the life and career of a person important to café culture, and others explore an overarching theme.

Watercolor of a birds-eye view of a cafe with multiple tables and patrons Jewish Café Culture in Berlin
Early black and white photograph of a cafe sign Jewish Café Culture in New York City
patrons at sidwalk cafe tables under trees Jewish Café Culture in Tel Aviv-Jaffa
painting of the inside of a cafe with tall archways Jewish Café Culture in Vienna
Watercolor painting of patrons at a café counter Jewish Café Culture in Warsaw
Cafe Scene, 1934, Moshe Rynecki, 36.1 x 50 cm
old photograph of street leading up to Rue Richelieu Mapping Jewish Café Culture in Odessa
photo of s y agnon S.Y. Agnon in the Café
Middle aged man with round eye glasses sitting at a writing desk The Travels of Sholem Aleichem and Menakhem Mendl
Women smoking at a table in a café Women in the Café
Leah Goldberg, 1935 (Courtesy of the Ganzim Institute, Tel Aviv, and Yair Landau)
old photograph of the front of the Grand Theater Yiddish Theater and Cabaret