Explore Cities

Explore an interactive map of cafés and landmarks important to Jewish culture in New York, Berlin, Odessa, Warsaw, Vienna, and Tel Aviv. This map can be adjusted to show points in a single city during a specfic timeframe or opt for a story map to take a guided tour of a city’s impact on modern Jewish culture.

How to use the Browse by City tool

Click on a city icon red map pin to explore cafes in space and time. Opt to either view a underlined story map text for a curated tour of a city, or select zoom to city icon

Click on café markers to view detailed information about cafes:
Example of city details pop-up information

Use the time slider to filter by year:
Example of time slider showing 1800 and 2000 range

Select items in the Layer window to display historic city maps:
Example of selection dropdown for displaying other maps

Use the globe button Globe icon to return to the full extent of the map.

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